onsdag den 15. juni 2011

1969 deluxe red bus

This is my new bus i bougth from Nate the owner from Wagenwest in the us... its a nice 1969 deluxe red bus runs and drives well with a 1600 cc type one air cooled engine, fresh brakes and Wagenswest suspension. 4inch narrowed adjustable ball joint beam, 2.5 dropped spindles and 4.5 drop plates in the rear. New Empi sprint-star wheels and tires 165-45-15 in front and 195-60-15 in the rear. The paint is a decent match and a 20 year old re-spray that we cut and buffed for 2 days after that we added some new Wolfsburg west stainless steel deluxe trim... no its on its way to vw isp west to get new headliner and new doors panels

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