tirsdag den 3. marts 2009

my ex panel got new live as famile bus

my ex panel got new live as famile bus.... many will ask me WHY,,,, but the bus was already cut up on the driver side were it had camper windows some time ago but was repaired very BAD... before the bus was ship to denmark from the us i bougth a complete windows section from vw isp west in cali,,,(my good freind alex and co.) so after alot of thinking i went to the idea that i would like to do it as a 1957 model with press bumpers and smaller rear ligths from year 55-57, and put on wings on the side and make the rear hatch with break ligth in the mittel.... it is almost ready to be paintet and i am going for the beige brown and brown (barndoor and early 55 paint codes)

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