fredag den 15. august 2008

my 23 samba bus almost done

did some work this weekend, change the rear drums from late baywindow 5x130 to early baywindow drums 5x205.. I made a deal with my freind jesper(danborn) that just got his 1969 early bay . and he was changing the rear to 5x130 and we just made the switch. good for me and good for him no money out of pucket :))) also got the look rigth this time with the org sprintstars... also my freind that help me from the start on the project, put in the hatch handel that was missing from the start because the old look was custom/clean look at was made to open from the engine room not the best way to open rear hatch :((( so made back to org. no damage was made by drilling or inst. the handle:)))

seats back from the trimmer think it looks nice

I began my project 6 months ago , i did almost all the work myself but had a nice freind that help me from the start to now where its only missing some small things..

The bus has all new parts ect. rack an pinon from creative and narrowed beam/drop spindles from TD2 , new went breaks from CSP+many other nice parts..

The bus was build in late 90´s with a cutom paint job/work such as samba roof clip/rear end from 1958 bus and bumpers everything made by metal guru Morten Hammerbus .. and many other nice items , complet rear suspension from late baywindow, but i though it was time to move on in a more org. way/colors Palm green and sand green..

First i was going for porsche fuchs wheels and went on to gasburner to reach more race look, but in the final end i am going for the org, 4½ and 5½ sprintstars (ps not showen in the pictures but will soon be add to this site.

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